Definition of Marek's disease in US English:

Marek's disease


  • An infectious disease of poultry caused by a herpesvirus, which attacks nerves and causes paralysis or initiates widespread tumor formation.

    • ‘In an advance that could usher in new vaccines for protecting poultry, Agricultural Research Service scientists have sequenced the genetic code of the chicken herpesvirus that causes Marek's disease.’
    • ‘ARS researchers discovered that a herpes virus caused Marek's disease in poultry.’
    • ‘A SacI polymorphism in the fourth intron of the gene was reported to be associated with the number of tissues with tumors in Marek's disease virus-infected White Leghorn chickens.’
    • ‘‘The final step, after the maps are made and all the genes are sequenced, is to identify genes that influence the trait you're looking for - in this case resistance to Marek's disease,’ says Cheng.’


1960s: named after Josef Marek (1868–1952), Hungarian veterinary surgeon.


Marek's disease