Definition of Manipuri in English:



  • 1A native or inhabitant of Manipur.

    • ‘As a result Manipuris, Nagas and Mizos are often asked if they are Chinese, Japanese or from some other Southeast Asian country.’
    • ‘To save their motherland, the Manipuris fought very bravely under the direction of Tikendrajit.’
    • ‘Like traditional Hindus, Manipuris celebrate New Year's Day in the second week of April.’
    • ‘But there are many ordinary Manipuris who are growing tired of the rebels’ influence.’
    • ‘The people of the district are mostly Manipuris excepting small numbers of non-manipuris living in the district.’
    • ‘Even though Manipuris are Hindu, the Indian caste system is not the basis of social stratification.’
    • ‘The Manipuris rarely perform at any festival which is not accompanied by dance, music and song.’
    • ‘Early Manipuris were followers of Hinduism, and believed in the hierarchy of the Gods.’
    • ‘As the Manipuris get on with their daily life, Sharmila, now called the ‘iron lady’, may soon be forgotten.’
    • ‘After all, in which other sport do you see an Oraon or a Munda or a Santhal or a Manipuri go on to be the captain of the national team?’
    • ‘Also known as the Meithei, the Manipuri are of Mongolian descent and speak a language called Meithei.’
    • ‘According to the tradition, the Manipuris drown the remains of the old house in the river.’
    • ‘During an interaction session, she listed various aspects of the dance in relation to the day-to-day life of the Manipuris.’
  • 2The official language of Manipur, belonging to the Tibeto-Burman family.

    • ‘Textbooks and other, materials often don't get prepared in other languages like Manipuri.’
    • ‘International productions are a huge attraction but so are plays in languages from Manipuri to Malayalam.’
    • ‘There will plays in Manipuri, Kanannda, Bengali and Tamil.’
    • ‘The women's movement in the State can be traced back to 1939 when the Nupi Lan, which means women's war in Manipuri, was launched against the oppressive policies of the then Maharaja and his British agent.’
    • ‘This year - the 19th in the Festival's history - audiences can look forward to plays in Oriya, Panjabi, Manipuri, Urdu and Tamil, besides Bengali and Hindi.’


  • Relating to the people of Manipur or their language.

    • ‘What provoked the Manipuri women to protest in this unheard of manner was the custodial death of a 32-year-old Manipuri woman.’
    • ‘There is a belief that Radha and Krishna were the original author and creator of Manipuri Dance.’
    • ‘Noted Manipuri poet, writer, novelist, literary and cultural activist, he passed away on July 13, 2003 in a tragic jeep accident near Imphal.’
    • ‘The finale was truly novel in that both Odissi and Manipuri dancers came together to perform a jugalbandi, a friendly competition.’
    • ‘Neighbouring Manipur also has a strong Vaishnavite tradition as reflected in Manipuri dance.’
    • ‘Even before this, Manipuri women had protested against forced labour and the increase in the water tax.’
    • ‘The duo plans to write books on little known classical arts such as Manipuri dance and Assamese Sattraga and follow up with folk arts.’
    • ‘Manipuri students perform the ‘Pavgal Jogai’ dance at the Youth Festival.’
    • ‘On the cards are displays of ethnic dances, ballet, musical performances and Manipuri poetry readings.’
    • ‘The present upsurge of the Manipuri people would be marked in history also by the way in which women played a leading role in furthering the movement.’
    • ‘She also recounted to the students the interpretation aspect of the Manipuri dance form.’
    • ‘Having your web site available in the Manipuri language will widen your readership and drastically improve the effectiveness of your marketing messages.’
    • ‘The costume of the Manipuri dancer is always simple, clean and elegant.’
    • ‘It also throws light on the strong character of the Manipuri women who are known for their hard work and selflessness.’
    • ‘Thiyam draws from the beauty of the North East to interpret Kalidasa's ancient verses in a play in Manipuri that uses a riot of colours and the tiny, precise movements of Manipuri dance to present a taut and structured extravagance.’
    • ‘Have you watched the young men perform the Manipuri dances with their drums?’