Definition of Manhattanite in US English:



  • A native or inhabitant of the borough of Manhattan, in New York City.

    ‘Manhattanites don't want their neighborhood uprooted by expressways’
    • ‘Since the mid-Nineties, I've witnessed Manhattanites insouciantly wearing strappy high heels even when the temperatures are subzero.’
    • ‘The 31-year-old Manhattanite now brown-bags his lunch and stays at a Hyatt when he's in Los Angeles on business.’
    • ‘Instead, she sports a classy new hairdo, complemented by a respectably long skirt and the self-assuredness one would expect of any sassy Manhattanite.’
    • ‘Manhattanites think New Englanders are beyond the pale, and New Englanders think New Yorkers are heretics.’
    • ‘Well-educated, from a happy family, she was your typical smart Manhattanite who also sounded (unusually) happy with where her career was going and her life.’
    • ‘It's an early spring day in New York and the city is alive, buzzing with Manhattanites who have ventured out from hibernation to partake in the unseasonably warm weather.’
    • ‘So the final shock is that the quintessential Manhattanite is looking beyond New York to a Europe which seems more appreciative of his talents.’
    • ‘The banter by all these sophisticated Manhattanites is also refreshingly tart.’
    • ‘That's why I live in Brooklyn instead of Manhattan, not because - as Manhattanites assume - it's cheaper, but because it's a breathing space.’
    • ‘Indeed, some Manhattanites feel this way simply about taking the subway to Brooklyn.’
    • ‘A lifelong Manhattanite, she admitted that even at the age of 42, she didn't know how to drive a car.’
    • ‘He even invited our neighbors to the party, which is a concept completely foreign to the Manhattanite in me.’
    • ‘As a Manhattanite he also walks everywhere, rather than relying on a car.’
    • ‘If the campaign works, even diehard Manhattanites might be able to slow down and get in touch with their inner nature lover.’
    • ‘News from New York: two newly-renovated museums in the boroughs offer Manhattanites an escape from the summer heat.’
    • ‘We Manhattanites occupy the most important piece of real estate in the world.’
    • ‘I have become as attuned to the semiotic meanings of Danforth vs. Riverdale as a Manhattanite is to the subtleties of Upper and Lower East Sides.’
    • ‘He was a brash Manhattanite, now suddenly delivered to a New England college town.’
    • ‘But how many Manhattanites know that in areas throughout the country, businesses close down on the first day of hunting season?’
    • ‘Kidman plays Anna, a well-heeled Manhattanite who has grieved for her dead husband Sean for a decade; trying to move on, she is preparing to re-marry.’