Definition of Makasarese in US English:


(also Makassarese)


  • 1A native or inhabitant of Makassar (now Ujung Pandang) in Indonesia.

    • ‘The Chinese chose their women preferably from Bali, and also between the Buginese and Makasarese from Celebes.’
    • ‘The Minahasans take Christianity as seriously as the Makassarese and Bugis practice Islam in the South.’
    • ‘According to the Buginese and Makasarese the brother is a protector and guardian of his sister.’
    • ‘The Buginese, Makasarese, and Mandarese are renowned throughout Indonesia as seafarers.’
    • ‘Until the 19th century, these Makasarese were the first and only non-Aboriginal people they had encountered.’
  • 2The Indonesian language of the Makasarese.

    • ‘Approximately 4040 manuscripts, mainly in Buginese, Makasarese, and Mandarese, were filmed.’
    • ‘The people speak five related, but separate languages: Makassarese, Mandarese, Toraja, Massenrempulu and Buginese.’
    • ‘Obviously the Malay language is distinct from Javanese and Sundanese or even Makasarese as spoken by the ‘Bugis’.’
    • ‘Translations of Chinese fiction in Makassarese could not be traced before the late 1920s.’
    • ‘In the speech of some younger speakers, who do not speak Makassarese, this strong interference has now become a substratum.’


  • Relating to the Makasarese or their language.

    • ‘Trucks belonging to Bugis and Makassarese traders arrive in Bolu every week.’
    • ‘Specifically they were referring to Bugis and Makassarese men from other regions of South Sulawesi who are involved in the importation of buffaloes with a Toraja counterpart.’
    • ‘I was raised up as an Indonesian with Makasarese dialect and Bahasa Indonesia as my mother tongue.’
    • ‘Similarly Campbell C. Macknight provided information about catalogues of Buginese and Makasarese manuscripts.’
    • ‘In the market Bugis and Makassarese traders are only able to watch transactions from their trucks.’