Main definitions of m in US English:

: m1M2M3


  • 1Mare.

  • 2Married.

    ‘m twice; two d’
  • 3Masculine.

  • 4Chemistry
    in combination Meta-

  • 5Meter(s).

  • 6Mile(s).

  • 7in combination (in units of measurement) milli-

    ‘100 mA’
  • 8Million(s)

    ‘$5 m’
  • 9Minute(s).

  • 10(in Germany) mark; marks.

  • 11Middle.

  • 12(in prescriptions) mix.

  • 13Modification of.

  • 14Modulus.

  • 15Molar.

  • 16Month.

  • 17Moon.

  • 18Morning.

  • 19Mouth.

  • 20Noon.

  • Mass.

    ‘E = mc²’




Main definitions of m in US English:

: m1M2M3


  • 1Majesty.

  • 2Male.

  • 3Manitoba.

  • 4Markka; markkas.

  • 5Marquis.

  • 6Music

  • 7Medicine.

  • 8Medium (as a clothes size).

  • 9in combination (in units of measurement) mega-

    ‘8 Mbytes of memory’
  • 10Meridian.

  • 11Astronomy
    Messier (catalog of nebulae)

    ‘the galaxy M33’
  • 12Chemistry
    (with reference to solutions) molar.

    ‘0.15 M NaCl solution’
  • 13Monday.

  • 14Monsieur.

    ‘M Chirac’
  • 15Money, when used with a following numeral in measures of money supply.

    ‘broad money, M3, grew by an annualized 9.7%’
  • 16Mountain.

  • 17Noon.

  • Mutual inductance.




Main definitions of m in US English:

: m1M2M3


(also m)


  • 1The thirteenth letter of the alphabet.

    See also em
    • ‘Remember, his name has two M's in it.’
    • ‘I'm 30 and have had the exact same problem for many years -- and only just recently realized dilemma has two M's and no N.’
    1. 1.1 Denoting the next after L in a set of items, categories, etc.
  • 2The Roman numeral for 1,000.

    • ‘What number equals the Roman numeral M?’
    • ‘The Roman numerals C and M sometimes did not mean 100 or 1000 (see hundred).’
  • 3"M"A shape like that of a capital M.

    • ‘Examples of trademarked items are the names "Coke," "Coca-cola," "McDonald's," the McDonald's golden M logo, stuff like that.’
    • ‘But on that way we got to see a lot of little shops and finally the big golden M and Julius got his burger (of which he only ate half).’