Definition of Luganda in US English:



  • The Bantu language of the Baganda people, widely used in Uganda and having over 2 million speakers.

    • ‘Deo spoke to us in Luganda, but not to Peter, of course.’
    • ‘A surviving testimony to the scale and grandeur of Buganda's royal architecture and the most revered shrine in the kingdom, the tomb displays on multiple levels what in Luganda is called kutimba.’
    • ‘One man shouted to Peter, for the crowd, in Luganda, ‘She's going to give you AIDS.’’
    • ‘According to Jean she will hear the words ‘Weybale Nnu’ which means ‘thank you very much’ in the local dialect of Luganda and this will apply to all of the people who help the project.’
    • ‘The Eastern Lacustrine Bantu speakers include the Baganda people whose language is Luganda, the Basoga, and many smaller societies in Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya.’
    • ‘The most common are translations from Luganda to English and translations from English to Luganda.’
    • ‘Tone in Luganda is of cardinal phonemic importance, which is probably a general characteristic of most present-day Bantu languages.’


Compare with Baganda, Ganda, Muganda.