Definition of Isopoda in US English:


plural noun

  • An order of crustaceans that includes the terrestrial wood lice and several marine and freshwater parasites. They have a flattened segmented body with seven similar pairs of legs.

    • ‘A good example is members of the Isopoda, which produce fully formed young.’
    • ‘To each of six aquaria, individuals of Asellus aquaticus (Isopoda) or Chironomus plumosus larvae were added.’
    • ‘Neither Amphipoda nor Isopoda is known from the early Paleozoic when the Crustacea are generally represented in the fossil record by the valve-bearing Ostracoda.’
    • ‘Since the Isopoda are not otherwise known as fossils until the Pennsylvanian, an isopod affinity for Esmeraldacaris would be unexpected.’
    • ‘The Socorro isopod is a member of the order Isopoda, which is distinguished from other orders of the class Crustacea by its flattened body and seven pairs of legs.’


Modern Latin (plural), from Greek isos ‘equal’ + pous, pod- ‘foot’.