Definition of Hawaiian guitar in US English:

Hawaiian guitar


  • A steel-stringed guitar in which a characteristic glissando effect is produced by sliding a metal bar along the strings as they are plucked.

    • ‘These were hollow-bodied ‘lap steel’ or Hawaiian guitars, played with the instrument resting on the player's lap and the strings stopped with a steel bar held in the left hand.’
    • ‘Felini's pickup truck features country-style music with plectrum and Hawaiian guitars potently combined with Kurt Weill-like melodies.’
    • ‘A tranquil Hawaiian guitar rests below drummer Matt Barrick's lilting beat and Leithauser's plaintive vocals, resulting in a splendid stretch of the band's increasing range.’
    • ‘With its whispery French-accented vocals from an ethereal goddess, Hawaiian guitars, exotic percussion and acres of reverb, ‘Tiki Mix’ is an incomparable sigh of a track.’
    • ‘Then there is Buffalos, which takes trip-hop and cracks it like an egg over sliding eastern strings and melting Hawaiian guitars.’