Definition of Gur in US English:



  • Relating to or denoting a branch of the Niger–Congo family of languages, spoken in parts of West Africa and including More and Senufo.

    • ‘French is the official language of government, but both Ewe of the Kwa and Kabye of the Gur language families have semi-official status.’
    • ‘Of these three subfamilies of the Gur language group, Mole-Dagbane make up 15 percent of Ghana's population and are by far the largest group in their region.’
    • ‘Most Burkinabe also speak languages of the Gur group within the large Niger-Congo family of languages.’
    • ‘It belongs to the Gur group within the Niger-Congo language family.’
    • ‘Among more than sixty languages spoken in Burkina Faso, thirty-eight belong to the Gur or Voltaic language family, including Mooré, Bwamu, Dagara, and Lobiri.’
    • ‘Residents there spoke a dialect of the same Gur language of many Dogon groups.’


  • The Gur group of languages.

    Also called Voltaic
    • ‘Other languages spoken by large numbers of Ghanaians include Ewe, Ga, Guan, and Gur.’