Definition of Guardmember in US English:



  • A person who serves in the National Guard.

    • ‘He had commanded the 296th Infantry when it was mobilized in 1950 and was one of the commanders of the 65th in Korea, making him, perhaps, the only Guardmember to command a regular regiment in Korea.’
    • ‘The increased number and duration of these mobilizations have placed a heavy burden on both the families and civilian employers of Reservists and Guardmembers alike.’
    • ‘It is not necessary for the Guardmember to be a member of the Association.’
    • ‘Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney called Guardmembers up to state active duty to assist at Logan International Airport.’
    • ‘The Pro Patria (which translates to ‘for the nation’) is ESGR's highest award and is given to the outstanding employer of National Guardmembers and Reservists within the state.’
    • ‘Spouses of Guardmembers are eligible to participate in the following testing programs FREE-of-charge.’
    • ‘Thousands of Guardmembers have been pulled into the exercise, including some on no notice.’
    • ‘Congressman Hobson's work, courage, and willingness to lead embody the spirit of fellow Guardmembers like himself who answered America's call to serve-the spirit celebrated by the National Guard Association's Montgomery Medal.’
    • ‘If you are interested, your Guardmember will need to contact their BN.’
    • ‘If you are a married Guardmember, you know the importance of having your family stand behind you in the things you try to accomplish in the Guard and for your own family and home.’
    • ‘Today, tens of thousands of Guardmembers are serving in harm's way in Iraq and Afghanistan, as the National Guard continues its historic dual mission, providing to the states units trained and equipped to protect life and property, while providing to the nation units trained, equipped and ready to defend the United States and its interests, all over the globe.’
    • ‘Students can earn college credits through the College Level Examination Program given to Guardmembers at no cost.’
    • ‘Although this action to expedite the return of soldiers to their home station was well intended, many National Guardmembers had difficulty in receiving treatment once discharged.’
    • ‘The National Guardmembers will be unarmed and perform their duties under the control of the LAX Federal Security Director.’
    • ‘As a present-day Guardmember, your chances of being rotated overseas is far higher than those of someone in Guard service in 1970.’
    • ‘For more detailed information on Educational Benefits, to include Credit by Examination and other educational benefits for Guardmembers and their families, visit the Illinois Army National Guard Education Website.’