Definition of Girondist in US English:


(also Girondin)


  • A member of the French moderate republican party in power 1791–93 during the French Revolution, so called because the party leaders were the deputies from the department of the Gironde.

    • ‘In turn, the Girondists ' supporters rebelled against the Convention.’
    • ‘In June 1793, factional disputes with the Convention resulted in the replacement of the Girondins with the Jacobins, a far more radical group.’
    • ‘What made a Girondin was revolutionary intransigence: an attitude of mind that was not prepared to compromise the principles of 1789, whatever happened.’
    • ‘Like many political revolutionaries, the origins of the anarchists lie in the French Revolution; this was the first time the word was used, by the Girondins.’
    • ‘The point is that both the moderation of the constitutional Girondists and the anti-constitutional Jacobins had depended on being able to stir and steer popular power.’


From archaic French Girondiste (now Girondin).