Definition of Germanophile in US English:



  • A person who is fond of or greatly admires Germany or German people or culture.

    • ‘Tasted blind, Chateau Benoit's genial '00 Riesling, from the Willamette Valley in Oregon, might fool Germanophiles into thinking it came from the Mosel, a Riesling Eden.’
    • ‘It is a very informal gathering of Germanophiles seeking a chance to use and/or improve their German language skills.’
    • ‘I was thinking of inviting these two brilliant Germanophiles to join us here.’
    • ‘A few of us are just Germanophiles who like the Germanic culture.’
    • ‘While I admire the Austrian monarchy, I am at heart a Germanophile.’
    • ‘Wawro appears almost to be a Germanophile as he fawns over the ingenious political strategies of Prussian Chancellor Bismarck.’
    • ‘His father, a district physician, was a Germanophile who saw to it that his son learned German along with Hebrew, Latin, and Polish.’
    • ‘I'm sort of… a Germanophile, and I've been to Germany twice and thought it was awesome.’
    • ‘As Italy and Portugal joined the war as the Allied Powers, even those extreme Germanophiles realized that asserting support toward the Central Powers while surrounded by the Allies would be dangerous.’
    • ‘During the course of my education, I lived in Germany for several years, and am a committed Germanophile.’
    • ‘Their site is one of the most helpful sites for learners of German and Germanophiles.’
    • ‘Many Germanophiles love these dramatic songs and compositions and now and then we hear from someone who says it is inappropriate.’
    • ‘He was the visionary force behind the creation of the British Legion and as a Germanophile advocated greater rapprochement with Germany.’
    • ‘It would also be interesting to study so-called Germanophiles, who actively studied the Anglo-Saxon past.’
    • ‘Both of these leaders of the University of California had studied in Germany, both were strong Germanophiles, and both consciously tried to emulate German universities.’
    • ‘The northeast is a fine region to visit for Germanophiles like yourself.’
    • ‘A passionate Germanophile, his translations of Schiller, Goethe, and other German Romantics were profoundly influential on both sides of the Atlantic.’
    • ‘The Germanophiles are overcome by a sense of resignation.’
    • ‘Many statesmen were graduates of these schools and were regarded as Germanophiles.’
    • ‘With the click of a mouse, Germanophiles can zip from Hamburg to Munich, Dresden to Trier, listening to sound bites of Johann Sebastian Bach or Alpine yodeling along the way.’