Definition of General Baptist in English:

General Baptist


  • A member of an Arminian Baptist congregation who rejects the Calvinist doctrine of predestination.

    Compare with Particular Baptist
    • ‘Particular Baptists believed that Christ died only for the salvation of a certain number of people, and General Baptists believed that Christ died for the salvation of all.’
    • ‘The greatest gains were made by the Particular Baptists, while the General Baptists suffered defections to the Quakers.’
    • ‘The General Baptists split into the New Connexion and Old Connexion, and the latter became Unitarians.’
    • ‘Please return to our General Baptist website for updates on our efforts to aid our brothers and sisters in need!’
    • ‘These believers are termed General Baptists because they believed in the unlimited, or general, atonement of all who believe.’
    • ‘Eulia General Baptist Church was organized in 1875 in an old school house.’
    • ‘Please note that my interest in General Baptists is purely historical - engendered by my family research.’
    • ‘They and the General Baptists practiced a democratic form of church government.’
    • ‘The General Association of General Baptists was organized in 1870, but its roots stretch back to the General Baptists in England.’
    • ‘The Shiloh General Baptist Church, located east of Bradford in Gibson County, Tennessee, was established in 1883.’
    • ‘As you visit the websites below, General Baptist Ministries reminds you that you will be touring websites featuring content and information not approved by General Baptist Ministries.’
    • ‘We shall not speak of the doctrinal features, but rather of those who labored so faithfully for what they believed, and the hardships they endured to establish the General Baptist doctrine in West Kentucky.’
    • ‘The General Baptists had adopted the changes that the Dutch theologian Arminius had introduced to Calvinism.’
    • ‘His study of the scriptures soon led him to reject infant baptism, and in 1763 he was baptized at the hands of a General Baptist pastor at Gamston, Nottinghamshire.’
    • ‘The Galilee Association of General Baptists was organized in 1916 by dividing the Liberty Association.’
    • ‘Richer, established religious groups ridiculed General Baptists for giving women positions of authority.’
    • ‘The rift between Particular and General Baptists was not healed until something like two hundred years later.’
    • ‘Because of the Arminianism of Wesley's Methodism, the General Baptists lost many members to Methodism and caused considerable angst in many parts of the country.’
    • ‘Quaker beliefs took a strong hold in Radnorshire and most of the early General Baptists in the County became Quakers.’
    • ‘The General Baptists also had a distinct belief that Christians could face the possibility of falling from grace.’