Definition of Gen Y in US English:

Gen Y


  • ‘both Gen X and Gen Y are generally suspicious of big business, the government, and the media’
    short for Generation Y
    • ‘For Gen Y, the desire to be an individual trumps the desire to belong, and marketers are wise to appeal to young people as free agents rather than as members of a subculture.’
    • ‘The survey showed how vital the smartphone has become to members of Gen Y: 90 % said they check their smartphone before school or work - often before getting out of bed.’
    • ‘By studying birth patterns from the U.S. Census Bureau, American Demographics found that Gen Y, too, can be looked at in terms of three distinct age groups.’
    • ‘Like most Gen Y, he spends a lot of his time with his eyes glued to his iPhone on various social media apps.’
    • ‘As tough as the rental market may be, it's still a better option for Gen Y than buying prematurely.’
    • ‘26 percent of the Gen Y believe that the cloud could spur on job growth, whereas only 19 percent of Baby Boomers felt the same way.’
    • ‘Today, kids in Gen Y and others who grew up with multitude of flavor profiles expect more choice.’
    • ‘The nice part for marketers is that what works with Gen Y today will work with them when they are 60.’
    • ‘"We struggled with how to build a site that would not alienate the users who were already there, but switch the focus to a Gen-Y target," he says.’
    • ‘Naturally, members of Gen Y, who came of age with online shopping and Twitter, want things to happen fast.’
    • ‘Gen Y's view of their role as women grew from the culmination of several factors.’
    • ‘Shifts in higher education and marital trends have also contributed to Gen Y's flight back to the nest.’
    • ‘Clearly, automakers and car dealerships are struggling to convince Gen Y that car ownership is cool, or even necessary.’
    • ‘For Gen Y, technology is the defining element of their lives.’
    • ‘Gen Y is obsessed with graphics; its passion is online gaming.’
    • ‘Australians are still generous when it comes to charitable donations, with Gen Y giving beyond its means.’
    • ‘Strauss sees Gen Y's reaction to the election crisis as illustrating generational differences.’
    • ‘The average age of regular mobile users is 41, but the Gen Y segment has a 40 percent regular user rate.’
    • ‘Henry said there would also be a growing requirement from Gen Y to work remotely and to have the space to socialise with their colleagues.’
    • ‘By some flimsy measuring tool, I'm more Gen X than Gen Y, more Nirvana than 'N Sync.’