Definition of Frankenfish in US English:



  • 1A genetically modified fish.

    • ‘Detractors call them Frankenfish and warn they could permanently tilt the balance of nature.’
    • ‘If even a few of these Frankenfish escape, the damage could be extensive.’
    • ‘That project raises outraged cries from commercial fishermen, who believe the larger Frankenfish will decimate wild species of salmon with their precious genetic inheritance, which has evolved over millennia.’
    • ‘Be it a flick about a killer Python, or Boa, or a Boa vs. Python, or a Frankenfish, or giant Komodo dragons, sharks, and dinosaurs, the resulting creature is always a joke.’
    • ‘Against this Frankenfish background, even the most experimental fish farm in Britain looks relatively benign.’
  • 2The northern snakehead, so dubbed for its voracious appetite and ability to survive adverse conditions.

    • ‘Also known as Frankenfish, this invasive species is a voracious predator that eats almost anything, so its possible spread has biologists worried.’
    • ‘Nicknamed the Frankenfish, the snakehead is capable of breathing air, slithering over land, and surviving three days outside the water, magnifying its ability to move from one habitat to another.’
    • ‘Right now, nobody knows how to rid the Potomac of Frankenfish, but bass anglers are eager to do anything and everything they can to help.’


From Franken(stein) and fish.