Definition of Fourth World in English:

Fourth World


  • 1Those countries and communities considered to be the poorest and most underdeveloped of the Third World.

    • ‘However, this view has increasingly come under pressure from ecology, animal rights and Fourth World movements.’
    • ‘Societies low on both measures, particularly the Fourth World of the very poorest countries in Africa and Asia, score low not necessarily because of conscious choice but because of lack of means of production and lack of spending power.’
    • ‘When the Fourth World views the First World through the medium of television, it is exposed to a strange world most know very little about.’
  • 2Those communities that form politically and economically disadvantaged minorities within societies, owing to factors such as urban deprivation or discrimination against tribal peoples.

    • ‘To cite only one example, the legitimacy of land-rights claims of indigenous or Fourth World peoples turns on ahistorical conceptions of culture and essentialist notions of identity.’
    • ‘With a limited recognition in the United Nations and a centre in Geneva, Fourth World peoples became an effective and growing transnational coalition, of which Indigenous Australians were a part.’
    • ‘What the people in these Fourth World nations think, decide and do on their own behalf will decide much of the world's international policies for generations to come.’
    • ‘I really feel like I'm a member of the Fourth World at the edge of the intersection of the first three.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, most people don't understand the conditions past and present that make many reserves fall into a categorisation of Fourth World areas (or pockets of the Third World within the borders of the First World).’