Main definitions of forth in US English:

: forth1Forth2



  • 1Out from a starting point and forward or into view.

    ‘the plants will bush out, putting forth fresh shoots’
    • ‘The sight of all that paper spewing forth from the printer almost caused it to spontaneously combust.’
    • ‘Sally paced back and forth, trying to absorb all of the new sights and smells at once.’
    • ‘And finally, we sallied forth into the centre of Nottingham in all our finery.’
    • ‘The friendly banter that shot back and forth between the team had quickly drawn him in.’
    • ‘At the war's end Britain had secured a global network of naval bases from which it could sally forth to crush any opposition.’
    out, outside, away, off, ahead, forward, away from home, abroad
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    1. 1.1 Onward in time.
      ‘from that day forth he gave me endless friendship’
      • ‘From that day forth we have had a lowering of public confidence in the police.’
      • ‘But essentially, I ceased to regard lying as a viable option from that day forth.’
      onward, onwards, on, forward, forwards
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  • and so forth

    • archaic

      see so
      • ‘FIG. 4 is a front plan view of another embodiment of a drape for nursing and so forth of the invention.’


Old English, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch voort and German fort, from an Indo-European root shared by fore-.




Main definitions of forth in US English:

: forth1Forth2


proper noun

  • A river in central Scotland that rises on Ben Lomond and flows east into the North Sea.