Definition of Fonda in English:


proper noun

  • 1The name of a family of US actors.

    1. 1.1Henry (Jaynes)(1905–82), noted for his roles in such movies as "The Grapes of Wrath" (1940), "Twelve Angry Men" (1957), and "On Golden Pond" (1981)
    2. 1.2Jane(1937–), Henry's daughter. Her movies include "Klute" (1971), "The China Syndrome" (1979), "Nine to Five" (1980), and "On Golden Pond" (1981)
    3. 1.3Peter(1939–), Henry's son. His best known movies are "Easy Rider" (1969) and "Ulee's Gold" (1997). Peter's daughter Bridget(1964–) is also an actor.