Definition of FTP in US English:



  • File transfer protocol, a standard for the exchange of program and data files across a network.

verbFTPed, FTPing, FTP'd, FTPs

[with object]Computing
  • Transfer (a file) from one computer or system to another, especially on the Internet.

    • ‘The basic upgrade isn't too tricky if you're comfortable with FTPing and checking file permissions, etc.’
    • ‘There are limitations when using a Web browser for FTPing since not all capabilities are supported.’
    • ‘We can easily swamp the IDE drive in chips by FTPing something across this link onto it and watching the transfer speed drop to ‘only’ 45MB / sec.’
    • ‘Emailing a couple hundred MP3s or FTPing it to your PC at home will raise eyebrows if the Network Administrator is monitoring the network.’
    • ‘In March 2000 I'd just moved to London and was without a job for the first three weeks so I started keeping a diary, edited by hand and FTPed onto some free webspace from the ISP.’
    transmit, convey, communicate
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/ˈˌef ˈˌtē ˈpē//ˈˌɛf ˈˌti ˈpi/