Definition of Emirati in English:



  • A citizen or inhabitant of the United Arab Emirates.

    ‘the number of Emiratis marrying foreigners had risen by 10 per cent’
    • ‘Emiratis now make up 21 per cent of the airline's core employee workforce.’
    • ‘There are over 200 nationalities in the Emirates in addition to Emiratis.’
    • ‘Emiratis are known for their hospitality; they feel honored when receiving guests and socializing with friends and relatives.’
    • ‘Many Emiratis prefer the traditional style of eating with the right hand.’
    • ‘The move highlights the UAE's commitment to providing Emiratis with financial stability and a dignified life.’
    • ‘By understanding the desert, early Emiratis could survive with their cultural values intact; however, not understanding the media ecology will alter, in a few years, what lasted generations.’
    • ‘The presence of many ethnic groups has led Emiratis to be tolerant of other social customs, yet they remain conscious of their own customs as markers of cultural identity.’
    • ‘Among those in his circle who share his process-driven esthetic is the sole female Emirati included in the exhibition, Kareema Al-Shomali.’
    • ‘Like the other small Gulf states such as Bahrain and Qatar, the Emiratis are realists and pragmatists, both politically and economically.’
    • ‘This hands-on learning option will be open to all Emiratis, regardless of age or previous qualification.’
    • ‘Laila, an Emirati whose mother is Italian, explained that although she has the basic grasp of the Arabic language, she still has some difficulty when interacting with her colleagues and clients.’
    • ‘Currently the average Emirati consumes roughly 550 liters of clean water every day.’
    • ‘A new programme aiming to encourage entrepreneurship in young Emiratis was launched in Dubai.’
    • ‘She said Emiratis were becoming frustrated with violations of local sensitivities.’
    • ‘He was strongly revered by Emiratis and other Arabs across the Middle East.’
    • ‘A 15-year-old boy has become the youngest Emirati to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa.’
    • ‘An increasingly large number of Emiratis also own houses somewhere in Europe, in the Far East or Lebanon.’


  • Relating to the United Arab Emirates or its citizens.

    ‘Emirati families’
    ‘a menu of traditional Emirati fare’
    • ‘The Secretary will also meet with senior Emirati government officials to discuss regional and bilateral issues.’
    • ‘Griffiths said she has only 12 Emirati nurses among her roster of 1,450 nursing staff.’
    • ‘Some people say it is an unspoken feeling even amongst Emirati police that such charges should not be brought, though the incident should be reported.’
    • ‘Her photographs document the forgotten public and private spaces of her native Emirati society.’
    • ‘The latter factor has generated a dependence on expatriate labor; the UAE has become a multiethnic society, and Emirati nationals account for only about 20 percent of the population.’
    • ‘The hope is that Sea Shadow, as well as Djinn, will gee up Emirati audiences to the idea of seeing homegrown films (even if no one agrees on what makes them homegrown).’
    • ‘The Emirates Group has announced plans to provide 750 jobs for Emirati Nationals during the current financial year across various departments.’
    • ‘They also own all Emirati businesses.’
    • ‘The Emirati rulers took a calculated gamble that trusting to your confidence in your heritage, and letting the world in, whilst not being altogether laissez-faire about it, was a much better guarantee of prosperity.’
    • ‘Another aspect of the Emirati economy is the fact that the huge wealth of such emirates as Abu Dhabi is used to subsidise development in the smaller, poorer emirates.’
    • ‘Incidentally, because of their Bedouin heritage, Emirati rulers have been encouragers of traditional Arabic poetry, especially praise-poetry.’
    • ‘Education is free for all Emirati natives, and the schools and universities are of generally high standard, and often staffed by teachers from all over the world.’
    • ‘Self-deprecation isn't part of the normal Emirati way of doing business.’
    • ‘Our guide, an Emirati woman recently graduated from university, spoke perfect English and was reserved, polite and hugely informative.’
    • ‘The U.A.E. Health Ministry reports that just one in 25 nurses is Emirati.’
    • ‘There is much more open discussion of world politics than Emirati politics.’
    • ‘More than 120 Emirati companies operate in Azerbaijan.’
    • ‘Interested Emirati artists can explore a range of art disciplines including visual arts and film, paintings and mixed-media installations.’
    • ‘Emirati referee Ali Bujsaim, who will take control of the opening match, said he had been told to set the tone for the tournament.’