Definition of Elysian in US English:



  • Relating to or characteristic of heaven or paradise.

    ‘Elysian visions’
    • ‘My Elysian bliss comes to a clanging halt when I emerge into the corridors of The Sanctuary and realise that negotiating your way from A to B is similar to negotiating your way through a maze constructed by Barrett showroom builders.’
    • ‘And the pearly gates of that Elysian golfing community will not be opened by St. Peter's keys but by a well-administrated Keogh plan.’
    • ‘McGillivray exposes only himself with the ‘no longer provocative adolescents’, because in Friends Paul and Michelle are in no way provocative to anyone, living as they do in Elysian isolation.’
    • ‘Berlioz wrote a severe test of tuning for unaccompanied choir in the final ‘mystical chorus’, and here the Elysian singers came up trumps.’
    • ‘Neither composer's mainstream output achieves the Elysian heights of a Bach or a Beethoven, but they were both highly successful and well-loved purveyors of accessible music of their time.’
    • ‘They were built for those merchants and industrialists of Glasgow who wished to move out of the increasingly dirty and insanitary city to live in more Elysian surroundings, either in southern suburbs or down the Clyde estuary.’
    • ‘That past is forever bathed in golden sunlight, an Elysian paradise where the grass is always greener.’
    • ‘Tribunals have recognised that in small companies, to provide an appeal at all where there is only one level of management, may prove an Elysian standard.’
    • ‘He feels his adrenaline rounding into a kind of sloshy, Elysian joy.’
    • ‘So my pain in life is doubled again, but it was worth the five or so minutes of Elysian respite I experienced.’
    • ‘I was, of course, too sleepy while up the ladder to call up such Elysian thoughts.’
    • ‘More Transcendental company was on hand, including the Reverend George Ripley, to partake in an Elysian feast of preserved Greek roses and oranges.’
    heavenly, paradisal, paradisiacal, celestial, empyrean, superlunary, divine
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  • the Elysian Fields

    • 1The place at the ends of the earth to which certain favored heroes were conveyed by the gods after death.

      ‘heroic souls cavorting in the Elysian Fields’
      1. 1.1A place or position to be aspired to.
        ‘owning a fund management group seemed like a passport to the Elysian Fields of finance’