Definition of Dover sole in English:

Dover sole


  • Either of two flatfishes that are highly valued as food.

    • ‘For the Dover sole, in a large saucepan bring the fish stock, dried fennel stocks, verjus, black peppercorns, thyme, and salt to a boil Reduce the heat, cover and maintain at a summer for 30 minutes.’
    • ‘The Dover sole and broccoli cheung fun (nice idea) was let down by a noodle dough that failed utterly to cohere, so that the dish ended up looking like ravioli dropped on to the plate from a helicopter.’
    • ‘Hitchcock seems more interested in his Dover sole than in the girl but grudgingly answers her questions.’
    • ‘At the moment he is net fishing close in shore for Dover sole but in the winter he long lines for cod much farther out.’
    • ‘What I often like having here is the veal escalope or the Dover sole.’
    • ‘We'll keep the bread and butter pudding, the sherry trifle, the Dover sole, but we'll have a different way of doing it.’
    • ‘Colclough said the river is now the largest Dover sole fishery in England and Wales.’
    • ‘We used to sell mostly skate, cod and rock salmon but now the Chinese want lobster and Dover sole, while the West Indians want snapper.’
    • ‘But she did recall having a Dover sole with roasted vegetables.’
    • ‘The big, pink veal chop (served with shredded artichokes and Madeira sauce) was more recognizable, as was my Dover sole, culled from the traditional portion of the menu.’
    • ‘I enjoyed béarnaise with my fine sirloin, dijonnaise with my Dover sole, and spoonfuls of orange-hued romesco with a chaste portion of perfectly cooked arctic char.’
    • ‘Now Dover sole, as fish lovers know, should be quite big.’
    • ‘Her enormous Dover sole, which filled up most of her very large plate, was perfectly cooked, so that it was moist and succulent.’
    • ‘Such favourites as herring, plaice, cod, Dover sole, haddock, monkfish, snapper, mackerel, sardines, scallops and tuna are all as wild as cheetahs and antelopes.’
    • ‘Favourite seafood dishes include a noted Dover sole and a platter of squid, king prawn, scallops and different oyster sauces.’
    • ‘Startled, I quickly raised my arm and a Dover sole shot from its hiding place.’
    • ‘Daily specials include the likes of Dover sole, sea bass and monkfish and there's a healthy feel about the whole menu.’
    • ‘Main courses also sounded good and I was tempted by the pan-fried Dover sole with bacon potatoes and baby capers.’
    • ‘I like to have fish and salad - mackerel, Dover sole or gurnard, and I usually pan-fry it or use the barbecue.’
    • ‘A triumph of modern French cuisine, the short but sassy menu features lobster and smoked haddock soufflé, Dover sole with smoked eel, mackerel and pomme purée and crème of fromage blanc, peanut sable and ice cream for desert.’


Dover sole

/ˈdōvər sōl/