Definition of Delmonico steak in US English:

Delmonico steak


  • A small steak cut from the front section of the short loin of beef.

    Also called club steak
    • ‘Succulent and well-marbled with fat, the rib-eye is also known as the Delmonico steak.’
    • ‘Rub Delmonico steaks with marinade, and then refrigerate for at least 4-6 hours.’
    • ‘Luckily, much care has been taken with Delmonico steak, its beefy flavor enhanced by an understated demi glace.’
    • ‘Know what you want when you buy a Delmonico steak.’
    • ‘The meaning of a Delmonico steak has changed over the years and from place to place.’


Named for Lorenzo Delmonico (1813–81), Swiss-born US restaurateur.


Delmonico steak

/delˈmäniˌkō ˌstāk/