Definition of Chrismation in US English:



  • A rite in the Orthodox and Eastern Catholic churches that is comparable and similar to confirmation in the Roman Catholic Church.

    • ‘Baptism and Chrismation must be understood and experienced as corporate acts of worship and praise.’
    • ‘This is one of the reasons why Chrismation has never been performed separately in the Orthodox Church.’
    • ‘More than any other mark of our parish's success, we celebrate the multitude of Baptisms and Chrismations that typify the spiritual growth of this community.’
    • ‘To date, in addition to several Chrismations most years, the parish has celebrated two weddings and will shortly have its first baptism.’
    • ‘On Monday, I gave my life confession, part of the process leading up to my Chrismation on Saturday.’


Mid 16th century: from medieval Latin chrismatio(n-), from chrismare ‘to anoint’.