Definition of Chilopoda in US English:


  • A class of myriapod arthropods which comprises the centipedes.

    • ‘It is agreed that the Chilopoda constitute a natural group, but the systematics differ according to various sources.’
    • ‘Finally, the protNJ tree exhibits a rather different topology, with the Diplopoda as basal clade to all other Arthropoda and the Chilopoda + L. polyphemus sister group of Crustacea + Hexapoda.’
    • ‘This arthropod subphylum includes the Chilopoda, the Diplopoda, the Pauropoda, and the Symphyla.’
    • ‘P. cinereus and some members of the class Chilopoda occupy the same microhabitat, consume similar types of prey, and are similar in body size.’


Modern Latin (plural), from Greek kheilos ‘lip’ + pous, pod- ‘foot’.