Definition of CD burner in US English:

CD burner


  • A device for producing a compact disc by copying from an original or master copy.

    • ‘Now we're back with a new scanner and a new CD burner, so there may be a more multimedia feel to what comes out of West Odd Productions in the next few months.’
    • ‘You sure know how to make a girl wish she had a CD burner!’
    • ‘Gen put something new on his machine, and maybe his CD burner is working now.’
    • ‘The easiest method is to download the CD image, burn a copy with a CD burner and boot the new Koha server from the CD.’
    • ‘I've brought my CD burner in and I'm copying Dreamcast games’
    • ‘‘A lot of people think there's something unethical about their CD burner, and that's just not true,’ says Gateway spokesman Brad Williams.’
    • ‘It's true, I also have a CD burner, blank CDs, music and a car.’
    • ‘The other day I finally replaced my 4 year old, badly broken and dead CD burner with a new model.’
    • ‘I even felt competent when I installed a CD burner.’
    • ‘The MP3, combined with a CD burner or MP3 player, allows them to bypass what the industry is shoving down their throat and allows them to make their own choices about the music they listen to.’
    • ‘It is estimated that over 3 million Canadians have used a CD burner to copy music.’
    • ‘I made my first CD in 2000 after purchasing a CD burner - I use it in analogue recording style. I first work 2 then 3 cassette decks into a mixer and into the CD burner.’
    • ‘If your computer lacks a CD burner but has a USB or a FireWire port, you can add an external CD burner to your computer.’
    • ‘Just two years ago, only 13 percent copied it onto a portable device or a CD burner.’
    • ‘No more excuses for not having a burned copy of important files and directories because the CD burner is on a remote system, and it's inconvenient transferring the files.’
    • ‘I just got a CD burner, so I can participate in the next Burn-It!’
    • ‘Add a few cents to the cost of every blank disk, throw in a few dollars for every CD burner, and suddenly you have $1 billion or so to pay to artists, writers, and publishers in the exact proportions specified by the Napster servers.’
    • ‘A CD burner transfers the MP3 audio files to a standard compact disc, but these start at around $400, too costly for most teens.’
    • ‘When I bought a car with a CD player in it, and then followed that up with a computer with a CD burner, it totally changed the way I listen to music.’
    • ‘To play back the commentary, you'll either need a portable mp3 player, a computer with mp3 playback that you can listen to while you watch the film or a CD burner and player.’


CD burner