Definition of Bryophyta in English:


plural noun

  • A division of small, simple plants that comprises the mosses and liverworts. They lack flowers and roots, reproduce by spores released from a stalked capsule, and are anchored to the soil by specialized hairs.

    • ‘In the ‘bryophytes’ (Hepaticophyta, Anthocerotophyta, and Bryophyta), the sporophyte plant remains small and dependent on the parent gametophyte for its entire life.’
    • ‘Phylogenetically, we treat Bryophyta as Moss > Quercus.’
    • ‘The Bryophyta or mosses, unlike the liverworts, are present in most terrestrial habitats (even deserts) and may sometimes be the dominant plant life’
    • ‘An example of this is the Bryophyta, which includes liverworts, mosses and hornworts, but not the vascular plants.’
    • ‘Takahashi and coworkers made an extensive survey on the Si concentrations of nearly 500 plant species from Bryophyta to Angiospermae, grown under similar soil conditions.’


Modern Latin (plural), from Greek bruon ‘moss’ + phuta ‘plants’.