Definition of Britannia metal in US English:

Britannia metal


  • A silvery alloy consisting of tin with about 5–15 percent antimony and typically some copper, lead, or zinc.

    • ‘The taps, of copper, silver and Britannia metal, were designed by one of the most important English Arts and Crafts metalworkers, Nelson Dawson.’
    • ‘In a series of tabletop articles designed in Britannia metal, he shifts from the decorated surface to pure shapes: Handles are squared; bowls become perfect spheres; Euclidean geometry prevails.’
    • ‘From tests conducted on early Vickers pieces, it appears that his Britannia metal varies little from the white and hard metals that some makers had used over the course of the preceding century for plates and dishes, in particular.’
    • ‘When Hornsby's dates are lengthened to the 1770s, the period is one in which pewterers faced increased competition from delftware and glass, and later from silverplate and Britannia metal.’


Britannia metal

/briˈtanyə ˈmedl/