Definition of Bowman's capsule in US English:

Bowman's capsule


  • A capsule-shaped membranous structure surrounding the glomerulus of each nephron in the kidneys of mammals that extracts wastes, excess salts, and water from the blood.

    • ‘To move from the glomeruli into Bowman's capsule, filtered substances pass through two cell layers separated by a negatively charged basement membrane.’
    • ‘At higher magnification, the cells covering Bowman's capsule were abnormally tall and columnar.’
    • ‘The renal corpuscle is composed of two parts: a ‘tuft’ of capillaries and a double-walled epithelial capsule called Bowman's capsule.’
    • ‘This filtration (sometimes called ultra filtration as it occurs at the molecular level rather than gross particle level) occurs from the glomerular capillaries into the Bowman's capsule to form tubular fluid.’
    • ‘For example, he insisted that ‘Bowman's capsule’ of the kidneys was first described in 1782 by a Ukrainian physician, Alexander Shumlyansky, and should therefore be called ‘Shumlyansky's Bowman's capsule.’’


Bowman's capsule

/ˈbōmənz ˌkapso͞ol/