Definition of Bogomil in US English:



  • A member of a heretical medieval Balkan sect professing a modified form of Manichaeism.

    • ‘The Bogomils ' ideas were formed under the influence of a sect widely spread in Byzantium.’
    • ‘In about 1172 the Cathars had been converted to absolute dualism by a mission of Bogomils from Constantinople.’
    • ‘The Bogomils of 10th century Bulgaria taught a life of penitence, prayer, wandering and simple worship in order to escape a world deemed evil by nature.’
    • ‘Some people would claim that the Cathars descended from the Essenes, that they were the older and more original form of Christianity, similar to the Bogomils or the Lollards who were exterminated in England.’
    • ‘Because grace could not bind itself to matter, Bogomils believe that Christ had only the semblance of a human body.’


Mid 19th century: from medieval Greek Bogomilos, from Bogomil, literally ‘beloved of God’, the name of the person who first disseminated the heresy, from Old Church Slavonic.