Definition of Black Panther in English:

Black Panther


  • A member of a militant political organization set up in the US in 1966 to fight for black rights.

    • ‘She travelled to New York to show her support for the Black Panthers.’
    • ‘She did not see white peace activists energetically defending the Black Panthers, who were fighting a war for survival at the time.’
    • ‘His birth father and godfather were also members of the Black Panthers.’
    • ‘I think that not only the civil rights movement, but even certain black militant groups like the Black Panthers were necessary in the fight against racism and political inequality.’
    • ‘The most obvious influence on the rap artist's early politics is his mother's active membership of the Black Panthers, the African-American nationalist, revolutionary group.’

Definition of black panther in English:

black panther


  • A leopard that has black fur rather than the typical spotted coat.

    • ‘A Hampshire school has declared its playing fields a no-go zone after two sightings of a big cat fitting the description of a black panther.’
    • ‘The large black panther, which has been spotted stalking areas of Bexley over the past three years, made its latest appearance last Thursday.’
    • ‘The island harbours black-faced langur monkeys, sambar deer, cobras, pythons, black panthers, bison, jackals and wild boar, as well as fish eagles, kites, kingfishers and brilliant butterflies.’
    • ‘They each bore into each other's eyes, circling each other like two black panthers, each afraid to be the first to move.’
    • ‘Landing gracefully in a pool of filtered moonlight, the black panther turned with a flick of its tail and loped easily to the south, exiting the pool of light and reverting back to liquid shadow once more.’