Definition of Bing cherry in US English:

Bing cherry


  • A large heart-shaped cherry, juicy, sweet and dark blackish-red.

    • ‘In fact, saying that California is the most progressive state in America is a bit like saying that in the national pie-baking contest, California uses black cherries instead of Bing cherries.’
    • ‘We are told that the Apple headquarters are located on the former Olson orchard-the Bing cherry reference-and then asked, ‘What does it mean, this rainbow-colored apple with the bite taken out of it…?’’
    • ‘July is prime season for buying ripe, locally grown tomatoes, Bing cherries, plums, and raspberries.’
    • ‘I marvelled at piles of corn-cobs, glorious Bing cherries, free-range eggs, wholemeal bread and baking straight from the farm.’
    • ‘However, it was tasty paired with fresh Bing cherry ‘agrodolce’ (I don't know what that means), white asparagus spears, duck confit-potato cake, and foie gras sauce.’
    • ‘Pronounced, signature eucalyptic and spearmint dusted cherry aromas; Bing cherry and raspberry flavors with pulses of spearmint; smooth soothing finish; a sure bet with rack of lamb.’
    • ‘The story of the origin of the Bing cherry, though not of great significance, is informative.’
    • ‘Van Dyke Bing cherries are at their peak now.’
    • ‘Results of a preliminary study by ARS scientists and their university colleagues suggest that some natural compounds in plump, juicy Bing cherries may reduce painful arthritic inflammation.’
    • ‘It's a lot easier than spending July afternoons picking Bing cherries with the stems still on.’


Bing cherry

/ˈbiNG ˌCHerē/