Definition of Big Rip in US English:

Big Rip


  • A theory about the end of the universe holding that the accelerating forces driving its expansion will eventually rend all currently organized matter.

    • ‘In the Big Rip model of cosmology, ‘phantom energy,’ a particular kind of dark energy supposedly fueling the accelerating expansion of the universe, will, in the course of time, undo all the bound states prevalent in nature.’
    • ‘Then since the universe will be accelerating at a very fast rate, could it be that the sky will look redder and redder towards the Big Rip?’
    • ‘This opens the possibility of a Big Rip, in which the expansion rate increases without bound until it reaches infinity at some finite time in the future.’
    • ‘But can the repeated (ok, infinite) Big Rips explain the same phenomena that we take as evidence for the big bang?’
    • ‘The recent supernova results that were in the news indicate that the dark energy density is changing very slowly, if at all, so the Big Rip would have to be some time in the distant future (if, once again, at all).’
    • ‘This is a fun idea to think about, but some observers took it too seriously, and began phrasing their limits in terms of how many years would have to pass before there would be a Big Rip.’
    • ‘Although the universe started with a Big Bang, analysis of recent cosmological measurements allows a possibility that it will end with a Big Rip.’
    • ‘Dark Matter, Big Bangs, Big Crunches, Big Rips and Singularities have all contributed to the intellectual vertigo caused by Compulsive Cosmology.’
    • ‘So what is the theoretical impact of the Big Rip when it hits a Black Hole?’
    • ‘The Big Rip is only one of a constellation of doomsday possibilities resulting from the discovery by two teams of astronomers six years ago that a mysterious force called dark energy seems to be wrenching the universe apart.’
    • ‘Perhaps the only escape from the inevitable Big Rip would be to create some extra-dimensional wormhole passage to a universe with less hostile parameters.’
    • ‘Is the outcome of the big rip theory contrary to principles of conservation of energy?’
    • ‘In the latest model, published online last week, the universe instead ends with a Big Rip - every galaxy, star, planet, molecule, and atom torn asunder - 21 billion years from now.’


Early 21st century: on the pattern of Big Bang.