Definition of Beige Book in US English:

Beige Book


  • A summary and analysis of economic activity and conditions, prepared with the aid of reports from the district Federal Reserve Banks and issued by the central bank of the Federal Reserve for its policy makers before a Federal Open Market Committee meeting.

    ‘Wednesday's Beige Book will be scanned for reports of tightness in labor markets’
    • ‘For completeness, any month without a Beige Book is assigned the value of the preceding month.’
    • ‘There is some room to read into the Beige Book some modest concern about labor markets-but not a lot.’
    • ‘In a somewhat obvious analysis, the Federal Reserve's Beige Book report for October through mid-November has reported continued weakness in Southeast housing markets.’
    • ‘Southeast banking conditions were mostly unchanged in early 2007, according to the Beige Book.’
    • ‘Non-residential construction in the Southeast remained at healthy levels, the Beige Book said.’
    • ‘If you want to see the entire contents of a district's Beige Book article, try either of the following sites.’
    • ‘In addition, there appears to be an asymmetry in the predictive content of the Beige Book language.’
    • ‘The overall picture of the economy in this report differs little from that of prior Beige Books or other major data releases.’
    • ‘The Beige Book summarizes this information by District and sector.’