Definition of Beatlemania in US English:



  • Extreme enthusiasm for the Beatles, as manifested in the frenzied behavior of their fans in the 1960s.

    ‘the band took to spending weeks on end in the studio as a way of escaping from the mayhem of Beatlemania’
    • ‘The fourth era, 1964-69, was one of rapid growth "fueled by 'Beatlemania'" in 1964, and recharged by California psychedelic sounds in 1967.’
    • ‘It produced a kind of craze like the Beatlemania in the sixties.’
    • ‘Americans thought they were in on the initial explosion of Beatlemania.’
    • ‘It was the blueprint for Beatlemania, and the benchmark for future meshing of musician to movie.’
    • ‘His one-man shows were smash hits, and in effect reminiscent of Beatlemania in the '60s.’
    • ‘Just as it had done in the UK in the previous year, "Beatlemania blanketed the North American continent" in 1964.’
    • ‘Who could have predicted that revolution and Beatlemania would fuse?’
    • ‘In May 1963, Britain was firmly in the grip of Beatlemania, with the loveable moptops bestriding the hit parade with their first number one, From Me to You.’
    • ‘The disc features rare interviews and newsreel footage, complemented by an informative narrative track and timelines that provide context and insight into the phenomenon that was Beatlemania.’
    • ‘This double-disc edition of Richard Lester's comic and caustic portrait of two days in the life of John, Paul, George and Ringo at the height of Beatlemania boasts sharper-than-ever picture quality and a bounty of supplementary interviews.’
    • ‘Unhampered by the trappings of erstwhile Beatlemania and the unreasonable public expectations that accompanied it, the former Fab Four were now four individual creative forces who struck out to find themselves and discover their true passions in life.’
    • ‘Throughout 1963, the songs associated with the Beatlemania which had developed in the UK had also been available in the United States.’
    • ‘We are continually reading of his success abroad and, only this week, the newspapers in South Africa are comparing hysterical scenes surrounding his visit there with Beatlemania.’
    • ‘Queues for tickets are reminiscent of Beatlemania.’
    • ‘Many '60s garage bands started as surf or R & B bands, two prominent styles popular in the years just before Beatlemania.’
    • ‘It was one of the few occasions this happened as Beatlemania took Britain by storm just two weeks later when Please Please Me was released.’
    • ‘Their parents talk of Beatlemania.’
    • ‘His ecstatic, harmony-drenched odes to sunshine, surfboards, girls and cars played like a Californian counterpoint to the opening bars of Beatlemania.’
    • ‘In April of 1963, right before Beatlemania hit England (and later the world), John Lennon went on holiday in Barcelona with the Beatles' manager, Brian Epstein.’