Definition of Babinski reflex in US English:

Babinski reflex


  • A reflex action in which the big toe remains extended or extends itself when the sole of the foot is stimulated, abnormal except in young infants.

    • ‘He realized since 1896 that the Babinski reflex was part of the flexor reflex synergy.’
    • ‘The deep reflexes were hyperactive; the Babinski reflexes were positive.’
    • ‘The Babinski reflex is not, in and of itself, diagnostic for a particular condition.’
    • ‘Because of the erroneous assumption that the change in the Babinski reflex was necessarily beyond an individual's volitional control, the experimenters had not employed a control group.’
    • ‘But the two are not entirely the same as the Babinski reflex evaluates the fanning of the large toe and animals do not have this.’


Named for Joseph François Felix Babinski (1857–1932), French neurologist.


Babinski reflex

/bəˈbinskē ˌrēfleks/