Definition of Australian Rules in US English:

Australian Rules

(also Australian Rules football)


  • A form of football played on an oval ground with an oval ball by teams of eighteen players. Official name Australian National football.

    The game dates from 1858. Players may run with the ball if they touch it to the ground every fifteen meters, and may pass it in any direction by punching. There are both inner and outer goalposts: a behind (between the outer posts) scores one point and a goal (between the inner posts) scores six

    • ‘Played under Compromise Rules, the game was one-half under Gaelic Rules and one-half under Australian Rules and the oval ball.’
    • ‘In Australian Rules, every time a goal is kicked the ball is returned to the centre of the field and bounced again to restart the game.’
    • ‘Unlike their male counterparts, the women compete against teams from all Australian Rules football-playing states and the standard of play will only improve with the experience.’
    • ‘I played my first ever game of Australian Rules football on the Foundry Ground in Kalgoorlie.’
    • ‘He is not only one of the finest players, and coaches, in the history of Australian Rules, he is also one of its most constructive thinkers and finest ambassadors.’
    • ‘In the southern and western states of Australia: Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart - there is the game of Australian Rules football.’
    • ‘Are they still relevant to the games of Australian Rules and Rugby League?’
    • ‘In Australia his sport was rugby and Australian Rules football.’
    • ‘Gary helps his local Australian Rules football team win the championship by accident.’
    • ‘Melbourne hosts up to five top class games of Australian Rules every weekend during the season, which runs from March to September.’
    • ‘My dad, who was hopeless at cricket, played Australian Rules football to a very high standard and, from the age of six, I often went along to watch him train.’
    • ‘This section of the paper will provide information concerning collective bargaining agreements in Australian Rules football, soccer, rugby union, and cricket.’
    • ‘In season, I follow Australian Rules and Rugby League with a keen interest.’
    • ‘Victoria is also ‘footy’ country, and Melbourne is the capital for Australian Rules football, a fast-paced game played on an oval.’
    • ‘I remember my under 14's coach repeating time and time again that Australian Rules is a team sport.’
    • ‘Here is a list of my favourite things I love to see at a game of Australian Rules.’
    • ‘Last I heard, he was playing in the British Australian Rules Football League in London.’
    • ‘Power admitted he didn't find the game ‘that physical,’ even though he accepts that side of the game is second nature to Australian Rules players.’
    • ‘This was a wonderful game of Australian Rules football.’
    • ‘Tasmanian friends remember him as a keen, if rowdy, Australian Rules football player who thought nothing of sprinting the length of the field to support his team-mates in a melee.’


Australian Rules

/ɔˌstreɪliən ˈrulz/