Definition of Article 15 in US English:

Article 15


  • 1A section of the Uniform Code of Military Justice allowing commanders to carry out discretionary punishments without judicial proceedings.

    • ‘The soldiers were punished under Article 15 of the Code of Military Justice, a measure reserved for minor disciplinary infractions, with penalties such as the docking of pay, extra duty or a reduction in rank.’
    • ‘As you mentioned some of the details, the commanding general has decided to go ahead with that Article 15 administrative punishment.’
    • ‘RRCs should identify standing boards and clear protocols for summary courts-martial to back up Article 15 proceedings as appropriate.’
    • ‘He returned to Ramstein Air Base in April to a new position and several Article 15 punishments that included a demotion from senior airman to airman first class.’
    • ‘Reserve commanders now have a better chance of using Article 15 procedures without fear that the accused will call their bluff by demanding court-martial.’
    • ‘This links these comments on Article 15 with the brief sentence at the end of the Explanations.’
    • ‘Captain's mast, the Navy's name for the Uniform Code of Military Justice's Article 15 non-judicial punishment, was a commanding officer's duty that he did not relish.’
    • ‘Under an Article 15 hearing, soldiers forgo legal representation and a trial, instead agreeing to let their commander make the call through a less formal administrative hearing.’
    • ‘The Article 15 punishment was severe: a reduction in pay, 14 days' extra duty and restriction to base, 18 hours of alcohol rehabilitation, a promotion deferment and a year without a driver's license.’
    • ‘This administration is actually punishing troops in Iraq with Article 15 punishments if they speak out and say something negative in public.’
    • ‘However, few Article 15 hearings result in soldiers separating from the Army.’
    1. 1.1 A judgment or punishment issued under Article 15.
      ‘if I agree to accept the Article 15, am I admitting guilt?’
      • ‘I turned to the brigade commander and asked, ‘Do you truly believe the Army is going to be better off by giving an Article 15 to a lieutenant who screwed up because in his mind he was only trying to take care of his men?’’
      • ‘In certain cases, acts or omissions can result in nonjudicial punishment under Article 15 of the UCMJ - commonly referred to in the Air Force as ‘Article 15s ‘- or other administrative actions.’’
      • ‘How about telling me exactly what happened and what you did to cause your brigade commander to consider an Article 15?’
      • ‘Failure to do so can result in disciplinary action: letter of counseling, letter of reprimand, Article 15, and/or loss of driving privileges.’
      • ‘But I think he'll probably end up with an Article 15 and a slap on the hand.’
      • ‘He was told by his commander to just take the Article 15, dishonorable discharge and six months' confinement.’
      • ‘Don't know if these guys were ever Scouts or not, but the Army has decided to offer ‘Article 15s’ (Non-Judicial Punishment) to the troops who refused to convoy in Iraq recently.’
      • ‘She said examples are Article 15s or bars to re-enlistment.’
      • ‘We're told that some soldiers who have spoken out about morale problems have received Article 15s [nonjudicial punishment] for airing their grievances publicly.’
      • ‘After a bloody altercation midway through the film, Winchell agrees to say he threw the first punch so that Fisher won't be discharged on an Article 15.’
      • ‘I have seen punishment range from receiving an Article 15 under the Uniform Code of Military Justice to letters of reprimand being placed in official files and restriction to post.’
      • ‘An Article 15 (non-judicial punishment) should result in a loss of pay or some other rather minor slap on the wrist.’
      • ‘I'll be given Article 15, which is a form of non-judicial punishment, such as extra duties, or they'll take away rank or pay.’
      • ‘These airmen will now lose their base driving privileges, face possible Article 15s, and possible discharge from the Air Force.’