Definition of American dream in US English:

American dream


  • The ideal that every US citizen should have an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, determination, and initiative.

    ‘he could achieve the American dream only by hard work’
    • ‘That is the American dream and that is real democracy.’
    • ‘I've seen the American dream come true, and I've played a part of it.’
    • ‘His series documents places and people living out often eccentric, yet charming, American dreams.’
    • ‘There's a new day approaching in Louisiana - a day when businesses are drawn to our state and our people can fulfill their American dream.’
    • ‘The town's youth ‘have been excluded from the American dream,’ she writes.’
    • ‘And they became huge successes, sterling examples of the American dream, exemplars of capitalism at its finest.’
    • ‘We are exporting the American dream for the next generation.’
    • ‘And together, with his friends, family and teammates of many colors, he will help create a new land of plenty and protect those who share his vision of progress and the building of their American dreams through virtue and dedication.’
    • ‘The essence of the American dream, in this sense, is the possibility of social mobility.’
    • ‘Anyone can be president, that's one of the American dreams.’
    • ‘Indeed, many of these entrepreneurs feel that they are helping to transmit the American dream from themselves to others in their communities.’
    • ‘All of these hallmarks of the American dream are a powerful draw.’
    • ‘Tonight, we introduce you to a plumber who takes pride in living the American dream, owning his own company and helping others in the process.’
    • ‘Set in 1980s Detroit, it explores contemporary values and the ideals of the American dream.’
    • ‘More important, American ideas, American heroes, American dreams are missing too.’
    • ‘From the moment the Chinese set foot on American soil, their dreams have been American dreams.’
    • ‘The American dream is the dream of many people in this world.’
    • ‘The man from Arnoun appears to be living the American dream.’
    • ‘I want my people to reap the benefits of the American dream.’
    • ‘Because, you see, if we don't educate our children, it's unlikely that the American dream will be able to touch every willing heart.’


American dream

/əˈmerəkən drēm//əˈmɛrəkən drim/