Definition of (right) up one's alley in US English:

(right) up one's alley


  • Well suited to one's tastes, interests, or abilities.

    ‘this job would be right up your alley’
    • ‘This kind of issue is right up her alley, so you should really check it out and see insights she has for you.’
    • ‘She is, after all, an expert on webs, so the navigation of the Worldwide Web is right up her alley.’
    • ‘Those who are looking for a challenge will find the single-player aspect of the game right up their alley.’
    • ‘This lightweight rocket is right up our alley in that we have a lot of experience building sails for similar type boats.’
    • ‘She began working with Austin Junior Volleyball, a job, she says, that was right up her alley.’
    • ‘It would be awesome if there was an Assassin twist to it - knocking people off and taking their game pieces would be right up our alley.’
    • ‘Developing creative new multiplayer game experiences is right up our alley and we are looking forward to the opportunity.’
    • ‘As a broadcasting and graphics design double major the underwriting position is right up his alley.’
    • ‘A fable of three royal monkeys, it was right up her alley and she took good advantage of the myriad opportunities to depict the main characters in the many incredible settings of the story.’
    • ‘But, by the time Angelina was 11, she had realized that acting was right up her alley, too.’