Definition of (just) around (or round) the corner in US English:

(just) around (or round) the corner


  • Very near.

    ‘there's a pharmacy around the corner’
    • ‘Two fire engines attended the scene, one of which later attended a further car fire round the corner in Burgess Road.’
    • ‘In an interview in September, Isdell said recovery was round the corner.’
    • ‘Just round the corner, down an alley, I spotted a neat bungalow that had apparently escaped the chaos.’
    • ‘Jean Williamson and her daughter Jackie live round the corner from each other and swap cuttings and advice.’
    • ‘The van pulls up round the corner from the target property and the team silently file out and jog towards the terraced house.’
    • ‘Power, he reflected, was like a figure in a hall of mirrors, just disappearing round the corner when you get close to it.’
    • ‘I am waiting for you, for an interval, somewhere very near, just round the corner.’
    • ‘With reopening of schools round the corner, parents have started getting tensed up.’
    • ‘Yesterday I took my rucksack and walked with Philipp round the corner to where the big blue water tank had been placed.’
    • ‘The two brothers were followed into Lidl's car park round the corner, where a heated argument took place.’
    close by, nearby, very near, near here, not far away, a short distance away, in the neighbourhood, close at hand, within walking distance, within reach, on the doorstep
    coming, coming soon, coming up, approaching, close, imminent, forthcoming, brewing, in prospect, in the offing, in the wings, in the wind, on the way, on the horizon, nearly on us, close at hand, at hand
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