Definition of (in) between times (or whiles) in US English:

(in) between times (or whiles)


  • In the intervals between other actions.

    ‘I have seen to the needs of my child, and in between times I have cooked the meals’
    • ‘In between times, short of cash, he had voiced his own character in a series of five-minute TV cartoon films.’
    • ‘Our refuse is now only going to be collected every two weeks and between times we get a garden refuse collection and the existing recycle collection.’
    • ‘In between times he will be sharpening up his football coaching skills as a part-time Development Officer.’
    • ‘In between times we visited all the places of significance.’
    • ‘In between times, he has spent long hours preparing for his various TV appearances.’
    • ‘And, in between times, I took the camera out of its case and gave it a good work-out, just to be sure that it doesn't feel neglected.’
    • ‘In between times I would phone Mary and tell her my latest news.’
    • ‘They meet for dinner six times a year, rotating among each other's houses, and between times members often get together for sailing, theater, or concerts.’
    • ‘In between times I resume normal life, which is good.’
    • ‘The problem with this is it doesn't say much for what has happened in between times.’