Definition of 'roid in US English:



North American
  • An anabolic steroid.

    ‘those guys are all on 'roids’
    • ‘Not the over-glamorized Hollywood version of the grapple, mind you, with all its muscle-bound 'roid rage and soap opera storylines.’
    • ‘Still, the robot is pretty impressive, though we think he needs to get on some roids before he can start hitting those homeruns.’
    • ‘Most of the pros and big-time athletes that were doing juice were monitored by a doctor at some point and had some clean roids to use.’
    • ‘Instead of doing it the hard way, 5 percent of guys take 'roids.’
    • ‘If the bench press doesn't do the trick, the 'roids will.’
    • ‘I'm on steroids, and one of the side effects is called roid rage.’
    • ‘See here for an excellent piece on why taking roids is bad for the game.’
    • ‘For the record, we still haven't seen a single scribe note the obvious problem with the story - the fact that you'd never take a heavy-duty roid in a year when you knew you'd be tested.’
    • ‘It was a gateway to having a resume that looks beefed up on roids.’
    • ‘Want further evidence that baseball is getting tough on 'roids?’
    • ‘I was always told that it was the 'roid mag on the stand.’
    • ‘Yep, kids - about 30 percent of the roid users were under 20.’
    • ‘But he says he didn't knowingly take roids.’
    • ‘Bryan thought Sylvia's excuse for using roids, that he wanted to physically look better, was dumb.’
    • ‘As far as anyone knows, none of the ballplayers at the Little League World Series is actually a hot-dogging high-school ringer on 'roids.’