Definition of — up a storm in US English:

— up a storm


North American
  • Perform the specified action with great enthusiasm and energy.

    ‘the band could really play up a storm’
    • ‘Susan, despite her initial reservations, danced up a storm.’
    • ‘This is a very chatty track with all participants yammering up a storm.’
    • ‘The whole time, I was sweating up a storm, thinking that he'd still frisk me and find the stash in my jeans pocket.’
    • ‘Anyways, he saw how distressed I was and came over to comfort me because I was crying up a storm.’
    • ‘The condition, known to consume women in the late stages of pregnancy, compels heavily pregnant women to cook and clean up a storm.’
    • ‘I'm cooking up a storm - but besides preparing all the food, I need to eat something, too.’
    • ‘Marshall didn't speak a word of Spanish before he arrived in Cuba; now he's talking up a storm.’
    • ‘I went to my friends who were sitting at our table chatting up a storm.’
    • ‘A couple at the table behind us was smoking up a storm and it kept drifting over me.’
    • ‘Mitch and I are travelling a lot now and we are both writing up a storm.’