Definition of — oneself sick in US English:

— oneself sick


  • Do something to such an extent that one feels nauseous or unwell (often used for emphasis)

    ‘she was worrying herself sick about Mike’
    • ‘But it really worries me when I hear that young people are starving themselves sick to get thin.’
    • ‘Don't tell me ladies that you don't know someone who's gone bankrupt in the last year or so - I know you do - and you worry yourself sick about them.’
    • ‘‘You're making yourself sick,’ he said sympathetically.’
    • ‘Some women make themselves sick trying to be ‘ladylike’.’
    • ‘You must stop crying or you will make yourself sick.’
    • ‘It's possible to make yourself sick, or at least slightly nauseous by overdoing it though.’
    • ‘A disturbing 57% had indulged in binge eating, making themselves sick or cutting themselves.’
    • ‘Employees in many Montreal nail salons may be working themselves sick.’
    • ‘It's a good thing you can't buy fabulous durians in Australia, or I'd be making myself sick on the weekends.’
    • ‘A mother or father who is already suffering an agonising death from cancer, worrying themselves sick about what will happen to their family, when there is no one left to bring home the bacon.’