Definition of urologic in English:



  • See urology

    • ‘All patients were hospitalized and were scheduled to undergo gynecologic, orthopedic, urologic, vascular, or general surgery.’
    • ‘These units contain basic room supplies plus ophthalmic, orthopedic, vascular, urologic, and general surgery specialty supplies.’
    • ‘Recognition of the condition, identification of associated syndromes, proper diagnostic evaluation and timely referral for urologic surgical therapy are important steps in preventing adverse consequences.’
    • ‘In addition to general surgery, he did gynaecologic, paediatric, urologic and orthopaedic surgery.’
    • ‘This study examined the contamination of boots worn by surgeons and other perioperative personnel during urologic, gynecologic, plastic, thoracic, and orthopedic procedures in a hospital in the United Kingdom.’