Definition of urolithiasis in English:



mass nounMedicine
  • The formation of stony concretions in the bladder or urinary tract.

    • ‘Symptoms mimicking those of urolithiasis also occur with urologic lesions such as congenital ureteropelvic junction obstruction, renal or ureteral tumors, and other causes of ureteral obstruction.’
    • ‘The authors prefer computed tomography without contrast when urolithiasis is suspected, and computed tomographic urography when stone disease is clinically unlikely.’
    • ‘Abdominal ultrasonography is the preferred imaging modality for the evaluation of gynecologic pain, which is more common than urolithiasis in women of childbearing age.’
    • ‘Typically, urgent intervention is not indicated for urolithiasis, but it may be necessary if the upper urinary tract is obstructed and infected, the renal function is compromised, or there is intractable pain or vomiting.’
    • ‘Individuals with a history of urolithiasis containing calcium-rich stones should consult their health care provider before taking calcium supplements.’
    • ‘Persistent infection may be caused by urolithiasis, which occurs in one of 1,500 pregnancies.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, one observational study suggests a twofold increased risk of urolithiasis for men under 45 years for up to 14 years after surgery.’
    • ‘Key words used included kidney stones, urinary calculi, urolithiasis, urinary tract stones, and nephrolithiasis.’
    • ‘Clinical experience with urolithiasis has been refined with statistical analysis to provide sound principles for definitive management.’
    • ‘Depending on where they are located, kidney stones are also known as renal calculi, urinary calculi, urinary tract stone disease, nephrolithiasis, urolithiasis, and ureterolithiasis.’