Definition of urbanist in English:



  • An advocate of or expert in city planning.

    • ‘Flocks of urbanists and media enthusiasts walked the streets carrying portable radio receivers in the hope of picking up the broadcasts.’
    • ‘For the better part of the last half century, urbanists, planners, and environmentalists have railed against suburbia, and the dreaded trend of cities to ‘sprawl’ outward from the old city core.’
    • ‘The megastructure continues to fascinate architects and urbanists.’
    • ‘Many urbanists say that public life in the eighteenth century - which is when the modern city began to take shape - was available only to men.’
    • ‘Slip on your baggy trousers and hooded sweatshirt, pop on your wrap-round shades and oil the bearings on your microscooter - modern urbanists are back.’