Definition of upward in English:


(also upwards)


  • Towards a higher place, point, or level.

    ‘she peered upward at the sky’
    • ‘They were young men starting to make their names in the game but he is the man who has helped them move upwards.’
    • ‘A flock of birds, startled by the light, exploded upwards from the grass next to the hospital.’
    • ‘To her it felt like swimming upwards towards the surface of the sea before breaking it.’
    • ‘The clouds lit up pink from below in all directions, the road was wet and reflected pink upwards.’
    • ‘He had to tilt his head upwards to see clearly and was thus unable to work for more than a few hours at a stretch.’
    • ‘I am overcome with vertigo and panic and feel frozen, yet forced to continue upwards.’
    • ‘Hysteria was at one time thought to be caused by the womb moving upwards due to the influence of malign humours.’
    • ‘I stared upwards into the gloom and could make out the outline of a face, with two eyes staring straight at me.’
    • ‘Hanna and I find a big flat rock to lie back on and stare upwards at the dark sheet splattered with silver glitter.’
    • ‘The air sparkled with crystals of ice and our breath hung in clouds as we climbed steadily upwards.’
    • ‘Most of the force of the blast was pushed upwards and debris was still flying down after several minutes.’
    • ‘That is, near the bottom and moving upwards, rather than floating down from the top.’
    • ‘Looking upwards in New York used to be a sure sign that you were a tourist.’
    • ‘Your home can be endlessly improved, or you can move ever upwards to more expensive houses.’
    • ‘Here, a cold current fed from the Atlantic is forced upwards as it hits a massive sub-sea ridge.’
    • ‘It is also expected to suggest the use of hoods on the sides of street lamps to stop the light going upwards.’
    • ‘One knife had slashed his side, penetrating upwards through the muscle and entering the lung.’
    • ‘The road curves gently upwards, giving increasingly inspiring views as it does.’
    • ‘My arms went to the floor and pushed down in an attempt to move my body upwards.’
    • ‘If the patient was moved upwards it was done by pulling the sheet and the body moved as a unit.’
    up, uphill, towards a higher level, to the top
    up, upwards, uphill, towards a higher level, to the top
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  • Moving, pointing, or leading to a higher place, point, or level.

    ‘an upward trend in sales’
    • ‘The figures should reflect benefits from an upward trend in milk prices due to the weakness of sterling against the euro.’
    • ‘There may be upward spikes now and then, but oil mostly just gets cheaper and cheaper.’
    • ‘As in the Eastern Region the upward trend in the number of young women taking drugs was also confirmed.’
    • ‘If there is a downward pull, then there must be an upward pull to balance it: that is levitation.’
    • ‘Drought conditions across Europe are having an upward pressure on grain price.’
    • ‘This price series was the key factor behind the upward revisions to the growth rate of the overall index.’
    • ‘The overall fertility rate also took an upward turn, taking us back nearly to replacement level.’
    • ‘But the number of houses for sale remains relatively low, putting upward pressure on prices.’
    • ‘The conditions are in place for upward momentum from here but the market has not embraced this view, yet.’
    • ‘It looks like it wasn't actually an upward trend and that we're still remaining pretty stable.’
    • ‘However, this upward trend does not mean that the weather will be constantly improving.’
    • ‘The upward trend in lone parenthood has most affected the level of benefit receipt and costs.’
    • ‘The recent upward trend of body piercing has become a large part of the teenage fashion scene.’
    • ‘The art market is extremely volatile, but fortunately for us artists it is an upward volatility!’
    • ‘Think of cycling 100 miles on a slight upward incline compared with the same distance on a perfectly flat road.’
    • ‘The main concern is with the vertical upward forces which act on the plant, producing an uprooting tendency.’
    • ‘With the real estate market growing by leaps and bounds, the upward trend of land rates will not change.’
    • ‘Margins may, however, get squeezed over time by the upward trend in the price of oil.’
    • ‘There has been an upward trend over the past few years in the number of people worshipping at the cathedral.’
    • ‘Mr Dennehy says this reflects a dramatic upward spiral in the number of assaults on prison officers.’
    rising, ascending, climbing, mounting
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  • upwards (or upward) of

    • More than.

      ‘the triathlon normally attracts upwards of 25,000 spectators’
      • ‘I always feel bad for people getting married and spending upwards of a hundred thousand dollars.’
      • ‘Those willing to invest upwards of 100,000 can expect to yield a significant capital gain on their money.’
      • ‘Demand for gas here is expected to rise by upwards of 30% during the next three years.’
      • ‘In some cities, such as New York, the drop is upwards of 30 percent from just a few years ago.’
      • ‘There can be upwards of 100 people on board for an evening trip.’
      • ‘The organisers are hoping to raise upwards of 1 million in sponsorship this year.’
      • ‘The company has now invested upwards of £500,000 in the scheme, and everyone is delighted with the outcome.’
      • ‘Why cannot the council account for the whereabouts of the above items or the disappearance of upwards of 20 high quality suits?’
      • ‘Surrounding this are upwards of a hundred and fifty people.’
      • ‘But some permanent representatives remain in Brussels for much longer, upwards of a decade or beyond.’
      • ‘I've spent upwards of £90 on energising health supplements, but to no avail.’
      • ‘Because of its classic status and undeniable panache, a good one should make upwards of £2,500 privately.’
      • ‘Mr Collins admits he doesn't know what volume of claims to expect but imagines it will be upwards of one hundred and that the claims will be for large sums of money.’
      • ‘He got upwards of 70,000 individual investors, most of whom believed him for years.’
      • ‘A survey of the numbers attending the Centre showed that upwards of 750 people came to the Centre each week.’
      • ‘These cards were still expensive and some were so ornate that they could cost upwards of $10!’
      • ‘I put my name on the list, and waited, knowing full well that such was the state of the health service, it would be upwards of two years before they got round to me.’
      • ‘Town clerk Nicola Radley said upwards of 25 people viewed the draft document.’
      • ‘But at upwards of £15,000 for the service, you're looking at making a major investment.’
      • ‘Meanwhile, upwards of 70 percent of the voters say they have heard enough about this.’
      more than, above, over, in excess of, exceeding, beyond, greater than
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Old English upweard(es) (see up, -ward).