Definition of upsell in English:



[no object]
  • Persuade a customer to buy something additional or more expensive.

    ‘how to upsell without turning off your customer’
    ‘the art of upselling’
    • ‘This can include educating the staff on the European beers' varied flavors and bodies and how to pour and present them correctly, how to upsell and how to pair them with specific menu items.’
    • ‘And, of course, it's a great way for restaurants to upsell their customers.’
    • ‘Our waitress was sunny but intelligent; she guided us through the menu, and only once tried to upsell us.’
    • ‘I remembered my days of waitering and upselling.’
    • ‘The three key aspects to being an ‘effective’ concession worker were ‘speed, efficiency, and upselling.’’
    • ‘We can perhaps upsell services to customers as they pay their bill.’
    • ‘So we're going to stop putting half our focus into marketing to new customers and start putting our whole focus into looking after the 3 million we already have, and upselling our highest value products and services to them.’
    • ‘Additional boosts to the company will come from enhanced customer satisfaction and client retention, as automated speech reduces lost calls and frees agents to upsell and provide superior service, Miller says.’
    • ‘The US companies were trying to upsell people, telling them the biggest is the best, but that is not how New Zealanders operate.’
    • ‘The trend is for inbound customer service centers to also function as sales centers and drive revenue by cross-selling and upselling while the customer is on the line.’
    • ‘Whatever their title or industry, employees are working at high speeds today trying to market, cross-sell, upsell and serve customers.’
    • ‘It means reps can spend more time where they should: upselling, cross-selling and closing orders on qualified sales leads.’
    • ‘Besides, given the various sneaky upsells, it certainly looks like the big credit companies are actually increasing their profits by convincing people that they actually do have to pay for these ‘free’ reports.’
    • ‘They also listen to complaints, attempt to upsell (such as gold or platinum credit cards) and complete transactions.’
    • ‘Start by asking yourself if these agents are skilled salespeople: do they know how to upsell and cross-sell?’
    • ‘Women's desire for good service makes them open to suggestions, Krall says, giving bartenders and servers opportunities to suggest new drinks and upsell premium brands.’
    • ‘Act on their suggestions, and then use the results both to upsell and to woo new business.’
    • ‘Arming servers with knowledge and training is certainly an important step in upselling.’
    • ‘What the deal really does is give the company a chance to upsell.’
    • ‘This is a bargain basement price, but it gives the company plenty of opportunity for upselling - new kit, new cards, new software all in the name of better network security.’